Western Basketball Conference

Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Location: Public House (formerly Black Sheep)

Time: 8:00 PM

Type of meeting:

Initial Coordinators Meeting


Invited Attendees:



WBC Board Members:

   Terry Rabanus (President)

   Dan Dugan (Vice President)

   Dan Korfhagen (Secretary)

   Tom Kummer (Treasurer)

   Dan Burke (ad hoc officer)


All School coordinators







1.     All school coordinators were present except St. Lawrence

2.     We will not be adding any schools this year. There is a good chance St. Lawrence and Holy Family will be merging, and that decision will be made very soon.

3.     The season schedule with coordinator meeting dates, deadlines, league & post season tourney schedule was reviewed – attached as a separate document

4.     League fees will not increase this year, they will remain as follows:

3rd - $70

4th thru 8th - $140

High School - $145

5.     Referee fees for this year – We signed a new 3-year deal with Bobby Sagers, here are the new rates. Please note the last column where only 1 referee is present:

Type Fee

2015 - 16 Amt

2016 – 17 Amt

2017 - 18 Amt

2018 - 19 Amt

15-16 - If only one ref

3rd grade






4th grade






5th – 8th grades






High School






6.     Discussed and approved this division alignment change below, with the ability for any team to petition up or down. The board will look at last years records and present an initial alignment option at the Division Alignment on October 24th. Full details on alignment are on Page 2.

  Division 1 (primarily large school A teams)

  Division 2 (primarily small school A teams)

  Division 3 (primarily large school B teams)

  Division 4 (all other teams)

7.     Reviewed the 2017 school enrollment figures – attached as a separate document

8.     Reviewed these potential by-law changes, all of which will be officially voted on at the next meeting:

       6th grade divisions 1 & 2 – eliminate the playing time rule, similar to all 7th and 8th grades

       Reduce the EOY HS tournament to only the top 4 teams in each division

9.     Dan Burke needs to retrieve the HS uniforms from St. Lawrence.

10.  The next meeting is Monday, October 24th - Divisional alignments will be reviewed and rule changes will be voted on






Grade levels 5 thru 8 will each have these 4 divisions:

1.     Division 1 (primarily large school A teams)

2.     Division 2 (primarily small school A teams)

3.     Division 3 (primarily large school B teams)

4.     Division 4 (all other teams)


The following guidelines will be used for league composition, scheduling, and the team selection process each school must adhere to:


1.     Each division shall have at least 6 teams per division

2.     Large School vs. Small School determination is based on total school enrollment; the current cutoff for enrollment is 325

3.     Each A team must be comprised of a schools best 8, 9, or 10 players

4.     A large school A team must have at least 9 players, but can petition to have 8 players

5.     A small school A team must have at least 8 players, but can petition to have 7 players

6.     If a school has 3 teams or more at any given level, the B team must be the next best 8, 9, or 10 players, and there should be tryouts for both A & B teams

7.     If a player is chosen to play on the most competitive level team and refuses to play, that player will not be able to play for any other school team

8.     All players that the school deems not qualified to play at the most competitive level may be placed on teams in the remaining levels of competition

9.     The board will present an initial proposed division alignment, based on these general guidelines below, but using the previous years records, will consider putting some teams in a lower division:

a)  Large school with 1 team – Division 1

b)  Large school with 2 teams – A team in Division 1, other team in Division 3

c)  Large school with 3 teams or more – A team in Division 1, B team in Division 3, other teams in Division 4

d)  Small school with 1 team – Division 2

e)  Small school with 2 teams – A team in Division 2, other team in Division 4

10.  Any team can petition to play up in a higher division.

11.  The spirit of guideline #9 above is that the board will have already taken last years records into account when placing a team in a lower division than what guidelines 9a thru 9e would dictate. Teams will be allowed to petition down into a lower division; however, these petitions will be scrutinized closely by both the board and fellow coordinators to avoid sandbagging scenarios.

12.  All petitions require a majority vote of school coordinators present at the annual Division Alignment Meeting. The Board does not participate in this petition voting.

13.  There will be no crossover games between any divisions.

14.  Each team will play other teams in their division at least once each; the number of teams in each division might warrant playing some teams twice. In divisions where some teams will play each other twice, these will be the scheduling guidelines:

a)  Upper teams will play each other twice

b)  Middle teams will play each other twice

c)  Lower teams will play each other twice